The holiday house is located on Monte Brè, above the old village of Aldesago and about 400m above the lake. In the morning, the sun comes around the mountain peak behind the house and in the evening lies just across the mountain peaks of the Monte Rosa massif.

It is located above most houses on the mountain and the road to the few other neighboring houses and the mountain village Brè Paese passes behind the house, on which not many vehicles come by.

The house was built in 1959 as a private holiday home and has been used by the owners since then. In the years 2017/2018 it was largely modernized. Important elements of the original room design, such as the hatch between the kitchen and dining area, the sideboard in the living area or the built-in bedside tables deliberately preserved and only professionally renovated. The modern furniture is deliberately chosen to match the Mid-Century style of the 50s. Thus, the style of the house could be maintained while still achieving a modern standard that promises carefree holidays.

Due to the location on the mountain, the rooms and terraces are on three levels and are connected by a central staircase. The pool and lawn are on one level below the house.

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Nido Di Rondine

Means “swallow’s nest” – at the time, in the 1950s and 1960s, houses have traditionally been given a name. This was the result of the location of the house, at that time as a nest built on the mountain above the village and surrounded by vineyards. In the meantime, the former vineyards are cultivated and the impression is different, but the name has of course been preserved by tradition.

Two large terraces invite you to look for yourself in almost any weather outside, a cozy place overlooking the panorama. Swallows can still be seen flying around the house


The pool is located below the house and measures about 6×3 m, on the same level is also the large lawn.
Since the water is only heated by the sun, the pool is usually filled in the months of May to September.
 The water temperature is about 20-24 ° in the time.


In the morning, the Monte Rosa massif lives up to its name, the early risers enjoy a new and fascinating picture of the mountains every day.

The quiet mood in the evening, far above the quietly rushing city, is incomparable and can not be described here at all.




Bikes and Bike-sharing

Lugano offers a network of stations for shared bikes and e-bikes. www.publibike.ch Own bikes and modern e-bikes, which have no removable batteries, can be parked on the covered and unobservable lower terrace and recharged there at the outlet.